Entrepreneurship can be achieved at any age but sustaining a successful enterprise and staying ahead of the game comes with practicing smart strategies and the sound understanding of the market along with other affecting factors.  While mapping the pace of growth in business trends, young entrepreneurs need to acquire thorough know-how of the successive elements… (1 comment)

MediExpo announces the 3rd Medical Expo 2017 to be held in Lucknow. The most interactive and innovative event is North India’s only trade show for clinics, health care centers, doctors, and hospitals intending to exhibit the most recent technical developments and innovative tools and resources for  Medical device & hospital infrastructure Sector. This Connect &… (0 comment)

Entrepreneurship is a tricky game and stays ahead of all is surely a challenge. Identifying the opportunity, grabbing right ones at right time and digging the best outcomes out of the available resources is one trick; the other is connecting with the right people to enhance the opportunities and then attracting the most fruitful resources… (0 comment)

Education nurtures life and ensures the betterment of all. Identifying positive and encouraging learning environment can help locating more opportunities to explore and learn new things from various areas of life. To delve into new learning methodologies, educational products, and consultancies and to appraise the efforts of merit schools, be a part of 5th National… (0 comment)

Indian Start-up Ecosystem has witnessed tremendous growth over the past 5 years with many founders, VCs supporting their Start-ups and several growth stories. These accumulate to one fact that India is INVENTING, GROWING, and PROSPERING. We are 3 years behind the year 2020, and the established as well as establishing Start-ups have already set their… (0 comment)

“Selling” sounds like a very simple word if it’s not a salesperson talking about it. When the sales team is questioned about their targets, it’s not their way of pitching that is questioned. Rather, it’s their skills that are questioned.  You may call it a skill or an art, but whoever possesses it surely can… (0 comment)

We are living in the world of information where information is available at our fingertips. The channel that drives such fast internet access is the internet. With its advent, people have got voice to bring on their views, products, and services in front of billions and billions of people. With the fast-changing world, every small… (1 comment)

“A breakthrough in machine learning would be worth ten Microsofts,”  said Bill Gates. Gear up people! We are back with an event in machine learning & artificial intelligence, and sentiment analysis just for you. If you are crazy about machines and are eager to learn more about the intelligent agents then this is just the… (0 comment)

SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) Training | Delhi NCR |
Safe Program Consultant Training: Evolving with time, latest technology and methodologies help organizations gain the desired growth. Every Startup/organization is built with a vision to help people. In the journey of establishing to being established, enterprises are facing drastic changes in the way business is handled and managed. The growth of any organization lies on… (0 comment)