Unicom Learning presents DevCon: India’s most prestigious Corporate Quiz

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Software is the inseparable part of life these days. The speeding pace of computerization had drastically transformed the way day-to-day activities are executed and basic functions of life are performed. Every small thing in today’s life is based and runs on software may it be a baby’s toy or the giant businesses, may it be the vehicles on road or the microwaves used in cooking. An ATM machine that fulfills our cash retrieval needs to the basic mobile device used for general communication is life because of the software.

To enlighten about the essentials of software development, a three-day interactive workshop is being organized by Unicom, Unicom Learning presents DevCon (Bangalore) from Thu 30th Nov 2017 to Fri 1st Dec 2017 from 08:45 AM – 05:30 PM at TBA – Bangalore, Bengaluru.

This practitioner-driven conference has been designed to facilitate the technical architects, team leads, engineering directors, and project managers influencing the innovation in their respective teams. The conference targets to traverse the participants through the recent technologies and offer the introductory lessons, advanced tips and tricks on the widely popular  technologies including Dot Net, Functional Programming, HTML 5, WebRTC, Node.js, Julia, Go, Scala, Full-Stack JavaScript Development, Data Science, Distributed Computing and Mobile Web Design and many more.

DevCon program tracks include: 

  • Web Application Programming using .NET, Angular JS, Node.JS, HTML5, UI5, etc
  • Understanding Opensource database including Apache Hadoop projects – HDFS, Hive, Pig, Spark and DB, DWS and DBA techniques
  • New developments in JS for Progressive Web Applications, Mobile JS frameworks like Ionic, Building IoT Devices etc.
  • Programming for Mobile apps development, IoT devices, Analytics solutions, social media integration, cloud deployment etc.
  • .NET Track for extensive information about latest developments on .NET platform.
  • Programming for Analytics solutions, social media integration, cloud deployment etc.

The event strives to offer a collaborative and common platform for professionals including the grassroots activists and software developers to dispense their knowledge, discover new associations, and envisage the future of open technology for supporting the positive social change.

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