Agility is the mantra to success in every business and profession. From startup companies to established enterprises, only agile entities continue to exist successfully and achieve the expected milestones irrespective of the business type and size. To instill the principle and values of agile, Delight Learning invites aspiring leaders from every domain to register for… (0 comment)

The agility in today’s world of development is the most challenging task for the enterprise’s today. To deal with this scenario, thorough understanding of the best practices in addition to Scaled Agile Framework Training is mandatorily required. iZenBridge, a group of expert PMP & Agile trainers focused on the creation of dynamic managers and teams… (0 comment)

Today’s corporate world witnesses enormous increase in women dedicatedly and professionally working and executing challenging roles and perfectly match the pace of the agile corporate world. To stay ahead of the curve, women need to be always on their toes and actively participate in quick decision making. Their personality reflects their attitude and perspective towards… (0 comment)

New development is the key to survival and success on any organization, but to develop new products needs innovative ideas, the expert know-how of implementation and knowledge of the best industry practices to make the newly developed product a rocking deliverable. An affiliate of PDMA India, USA is Product Development Management Association, India invites the… (0 comment)

The accessibility of all digital content, bank accounts and personal and professional information has put the cybersecurity at high risk. With digitization on the boom and the only mantra for agile business operation and execution irrespective of the size and type, cybersecurity is the major area of concern. Kenes Exhibitions invites to learn more on… (0 comment)

Public speaking is an art that can be acquired by practicing and following the best practices to overcome the inner hurdles making the speaker hesitant to face and communicate with the public. Whether it be presenting an idea at the workplace, sharing your thoughts in a conference, delivering a speech while receiving an award or… (0 comment)

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Adapting the change is the success mantra for every business. The conventional approach to corporate governance and management have taken a new makeshift with changing trends of business operations and execution following modern developments. The enterprises need to address the futuristic needs of the business operations transformations. Keeping pace with the speed of business expansion… (0 comment)

With demonetization previous year, the digitization has picked up a faster pace and the paperless transactions have been encouraged to a great extent. The government and financial organizations are trying to reinforce the foolproof strategic plans to promote online transactions. To enforce online transaction execution, to deploy an authentic, secure and strong medium for the… (0 comment)