9 Tips to Ace Personal Branding

9 Tips to Ace Personal Branding
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Are you finding it hard to create a unique identity in this competitive world? Are you willing to persuade people with unique presentation but failing at your attempts? If this is the case then you are not alone. The key question is how some people are able to make a mark as a BRAND, having the same skills and expertise as yours! The answer to these questions is Personal Branding! To stand tall in this crowded and noisy world you need to create a strong online personal brand. Just like the companies run behind advertisements, online campaigns, offline campaigns for creating a rock solid brand, you also need to work on creating your personal brand no matter whether you are an entrepreneur or in any other profession.

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If you are wondering on how to develop your online personal brand then don’t panic as I am here to help you. Let’s get started with the 9 steps which will help you to create your online personal brand-

1 – Create your website 

Don’t be afraid now. Website creation was never as easy as it is now. Buy a domain of your name and customize it according to your preference. Create persuasive content which should reflect your personality. Maintain clarity and explain how useful you’ll be to your client/company. Be specific of what you can offer to your client/customers which is unique. Create content with well researched keywords that will help people find you on W3.

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2 – Authenticity 

Have you ever noticed how different brands describe themselves? And the unique and most creative ones are liked the most, no matter how effective their products are. Similarly, you need to describe yourself uniquely, sit down and give some time on thinking about your unique qualities. The thing to be taken care of here is that the qualities that you are going to mention should be authentic. Otherwise it might do harm than growth.

3 – Blog 

Blogs are the way to showcase your thought flow and knowledge. A great blog post can mark a tremendous impact on your potential clients over the capabilities you posses. A blog is the key that will unlock your personal branding. Maintain a consistency in your blog posts. Write about the topics of your key skills and work area, and use high quality interactive images to convey your message.

4 – Target Audience  

Once your website is ready you need to reach the right people. They might be your clients or your dream company to work for or customers. Check their requirements and build your skills accordingly. Mention those points on your website in the About section. Check for job portals and similar advertisements to create the list. Discover unique things of helping them. If you are an entrepreneur then conducting surveys will serve the purpose.

5 – Influencers  

Seek for people who have already established themselves in your field or are related to your fields. They shouldn’t be your competitors but can help mutual growth. Reach out to them and develop ways by which they can recommend you to others which in turn will grow your popularity. Surround yourself with such growth hackers.

6 – Get Social  

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Along with reaching out to influencers, create a strong social group. People whom you can work with, whether locally, regionally as well as globally. Along with off line presence, make a strong online presence. Use the social media as a platform to elevate your brand and create strong presence consistently.

7 – LinkedIn Profile  

Are we talking about personal branding? Yes, we are. Then how can we ignore the greatest professional social media platform – LinkedIn! It is the strongest social media channel to build a professional recognition. Create a strong profile on LinkedIn; it will help you gain both clients and customers.

8 – Analyze 

All your efforts will pay only if you are able to recognize the efforts which are working and the others are not giving any conversion. Use Google Analytics and other Social Media Analytics and tools to track your conversion. Increase the steps which are working and put a stop to the others. At the same time, keep coming up with new ideas which will help you grow.

9 – Attend Workshop 

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After implementing the above steps, start with taking part in personal branding workshops and conferences. This will help you to achieve all the targets at one place. You’ll be able to build links as well. If you are wondering where to find such workshops then here is the one for you, click to get registered – Personal Branding Workshop.

You can check more details of the workshop and register yourself at Goeventz. To stay updated with upcoming similar workshops and events, bookmark Goeventz in your favorites section. Goeventz is a portal where you can track events, conferences, workshops, concerts and fund raisers all at one place and book your seat with their safe payment gateway.

I hope you liked the tips, and if you practice a better personal branding trick then do not forget to share that with us in the comment section. Also do not forget to share the blog with your friends to help them grow as well! 

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