Celebrating K-12 Leadership & Rewarding Education Excellence

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Education nurtures life and ensures the betterment of all. Identifying positive and encouraging learning environment can help locating more opportunities to explore and learn new things from various areas of life. To delve into new learning methodologies, educational products, and consultancies and to appraise the efforts of merit schools, be a part of 5th National Conference on K-12 Leadership and India’s School Merit Awards 2017 event to be held on Sat 9th Dec 2017 from 09:00 AM – 09:00 PM at The Chancery Pavilion, Bengaluru by Education Today.

The event calls for Academicians (Only for school Principal, Teachers & School Management) and Educational Products (Consultants etc.) for registration. This extensive educators’ conference will be witnessed by over 450+ delegates, 150+Individual School Decision makers, Chairman/Director’s and Principals from all over India and will be followed by India’s School Merit Awards 2017-18 ‘Rewarding Excellence in Education’ in the K-12 sector only from India.

The conferenced will be hosted by renowned educational leaders and contributors from various education sectors as speakers. Crucial topics of discussions would be walked through by our guest speakers including:

  • Revolutionizing Teaching methodology with Multiple Intelligence by Manish Naidu
  • How can we sensitize the early learning environment and make it safe for our kids?
  • Lack of Autonomy of Education: Is this is main cause why Indian Education suffers globally?
  • Should media – the watchdog of our society – keep its nose out of the affairs of schools?
  • Demerits of politicising education, and how to fight them?
  • … followed by a Thank you note for Voting for the best school in India

The merit schools in India would be awarded for the excellent education to reward for imparting quality education and contributing to improving our society.

For more details about the 5th National Conference on K-12 Leadership 2017 event and registration, Click Here 

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