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Indian Start-up Ecosystem has witnessed tremendous growth over the past 5 years with many founders, VCs supporting their Start-ups and several growth stories. These accumulate to one fact that India is INVENTING, GROWING, and PROSPERING. We are 3 years behind the year 2020, and the established as well as establishing Start-ups have already set their benchmark. The data by “NASSCOM 10,000 Start-ups report shows that there will be 10,000 Indian Start-ups by 2020 as compared to present 3,000+ Start-ups.

In such developing entrepreneurial era, there are many aspiring entrepreneurs too who get inspired by the success stories of established Start-ups. As good as it sounds, as much as it is difficult for a Start-ups to be successful. Mistakes are natural and quite prevalent while on the journey of entrepreneurship. This leaves the young leaders with the choice of learning from the experienced and network with like-minded people.

This gets us to search for such networking event where an aspiring, or recent start-ups can get the taste of management, creativity, and innovation. Here’s one such event where you will get to meet like-minded people, exchange ideas and discuss the general market scenario.

Let’s get a glance into this event.

When: 28th October 2017

Where: Pune (The venue will soon be decided)

What have the organizers got to say?

Shoutout for all young and passionate Entrepreneurs.!

Startup Pune is back again..!!

Startup Meet Pune is a platform for the young and dynamic entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and discuss the general market scenario.

We as a platform are working to create awareness about different businesses and trying to decipher the problems faced by the startup community. Moreover, we help you Open Business Networking.

Happy Networking!!!

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