Get Groomed with Corporate Etiquette by Ms. Pooja Jadhav

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Today’s corporate world witnesses enormous increase in women dedicatedly and professionally working and executing challenging roles and perfectly match the pace of the agile corporate world. To stay ahead of the curve, women need to be always on their toes and actively participate in quick decision making. Their personality reflects their attitude and perspective towards their personal and professional lives. It is quite crucial for women today to dress up smartly and carry themselves confidently for their effective image building and identity establishment.

Thehelixconsulting invites professional and corporate women from all domains to be a part of the most innovative and intuitive platform offering corporate grooming and Corporate Etiquette training.

Corporate Grooming & Etiquette Workshop for Women to be held on Sun 26th Nov 2017 from 10:00 AM – 04:30 PM at Andheri East, Mumbai.  This women-only workshop intends to train working women, professionals, entrepreneurs, brand managers, sales executives, and students about to start their corporate career and equip them with the most compelling corporate etiquette to excel in their respective career.

To be hosted by Ms. Poojaa Jadhav, a certified image consultant and a soft skills trainer specialized in creating and maintaining a professional image, this workshop targets women from different domains in identifying personal styles and dress to polish their professional images to boost their confidence and strength with leadership skills. The workshop focuses on the mantra to the identity enhancement- “Dress Confidently to Impress”.

Learning objectives of this only women workshop include:

  1. Identifying the body shape, face shape, and complexion
  2. Understanding professional dressing and styling
  3. Selecting the best suitable clothing and accessories
  4. Wardrobe planning and evaluation
  5. Displaying immaculate business etiquette
  6. Applying the techniques for best personal styling


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