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WhatsApp Status Update is Hilarious – People are not liking it.

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WhatsApp status update feature started testing the last year, and is now officially adding it to the app. This will be available on Apple’s iOS, Android smartphones and Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform.

While some updates have focused around security and privacy, others have added new features to WhatsApp. The latest in that queue is now rolling out globally, and could perhaps be the most radical new feature added to the app in a long time. It is called Status, and this will allow users to share photos, animated GIFs or videos overlaid with text, scribbles, doodles and even emojis which would be visible to friends you share it with, for 24 hours, before disappearing automatically.

As a user, you’ll be able to watch the Whatsapp Status update posted by friends, reply to them privately and share your own posts.

WhatsApp Status Update – People are not liking it:

Many people have given their thumbs down to the update and Twitter is flooded with such tweets today. 

5 reasons why people are not liking it:

  1. Where’s my  good old status?
  2. WhatsApp’s new status update has no place for words.
  3. Love, heartbreak and friendship in just 24 hours.
  4. Where’s the contacts list?
  5. WhatsApp is now like Instagram, Snapchat, it’s social media app.


The Way People Are Reacting To The Newest WhatsApp Update Is Beyond Hilarious! We share Few post:





What is your opinion about the new WhatsApp Status update? Do you like it? Hit in the comments what you think about it!

Comments (2)

  • where is the contacts list..?
    whatdapp’s new status feature is not good

    • Hi Vicky,

      This is another big question users have on their minds. Do you remember the old-looking WhatsApp? If yes, then you would also remember that there used to be a contacts tab just next to the Chat tab. Try finding the tab now. The updated WhatsApp no more shows the contact tab where you could find all your contacts. Instead, it now shows message logo at the bottom which if you touch takes you to the ‘select contact’ page where you find all your all contacts. This is unnecessarily complicating the simplest thing.


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