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Digital Beginner is an entrepreneurial  initiative that started on 14 July 2016. This startup venture seeks to empower all the newly set up concerns in tier II and tier III cities by providing visibility to their business. Young entrepreneurs need a platform where they can speak about their idea and their growth story and this is exactly what we do for them.

We cover their Growth Stories, Business Models, Funding received and give them the much needed platform to let the world know how it all began for them. We also provide to our readers a versatile platform that also engages them with news related to the continuously changing trends in technology. Know what is in and out these days and the trending technology all here on our website.

Our website also has a section devoted only to the various Events happening all over the country such as media events, marketing events, tech events, workshops, exhibitions and various industry specific events.

Being only a year old we’re continuously working towards improving our network and platform. Always receptive to new ideas and suggestions, we’d love to hear from our community of readers on their views on how we can improve further.


Digital Beginner

Kapil Khandelwal, After working and gaining experience in different fields such as E-commerce, Education and IT sectors and as a Freelancer with about 19 startups he felt a strong desire to finally have a business of his own. After having gained experience in the field of digital marketing, he decided to be an entrepreneur and thus was born Digital Beginner. His inclination towards the digital aspect of a business led him to tap an opportunity in this competitive field and come up with this platform. The idea was to keep himself, and in the process also the readers, in touch with latest Indian Business and Startup Buzz. He finds immense satisfaction in being able to provide visibility to new startups and even guide them on the journey of digital marketing, having had experience in the field. Always open to fresh ideas and ever ready to explore newer horizons, He now diligently work towards making his venture a successful one.

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