Double your Sales by Mihir Koltharkar: Guaranteed Results!

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“Selling” sounds like a very simple word if it’s not a salesperson talking about it. When the sales team is questioned about their targets, it’s not their way of pitching that is questioned. Rather, it’s their skills that are questioned.  You may call it a skill or an art, but whoever possesses it surely can excel in this world!

Let’s take you to one such conference where you’ll get to learn “How To Double Your Sales” by expert Mihir Kolhatkar who is a highly accomplished and a renowned International Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Business Coach with a rich experience spanning 17 years. He has helped companies to improve their business performance through his High Quality, High-Value Training, and Coaching sessions.

As an internationally recognized trainer in Sales, Service and Leadership Strategies, Mihir delivers in his unique and engaging way, the powerful principles which can accelerate organizational growth. He has a proven track record of growing the organizational revenues and has conducted 2000+ sessions in seven countries.

Thousands have been inspired and motivated to take charge of creating the desired results. Mihir knows how to bring out the best in people.

Double Your Sales

Who Should Attend?

If you want to double your sales and lie anywhere in the spectrum of,

  • B2B Sales
  • Luxury Retail Sales
  • Sales Managers Leading Sales Teams
  • Business Owners, SMEs, and Entrepreneurs


How Will You Benefit?

  • Gain knowledge and skills for exceeding sales
  • Learn ‘PULL BASED’ Sales
  • Learn to build a sales pipeline for future sales
  • Monitor and improve key ratios in sales cycle for increasing conversion
  • Learn to Sell Faster, Sell More, Sell Bigger!


About the Session

Double Your Sales Session Progression

Adult Learning Principles, Accelerated Learning, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming are used to make the session highly engaging. This translates to behavior change and performance acceleration.

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