The AIR Summit – India’s Largest AI, IoT & Robotics Event Series
The future will show us the change. Humans are being replaced by robots. The massive change has begun where human jobs like automobile driving are being replaced by robotic automation, and accountants, doctors, lawyers are being replaced by Artificial Intelligence. In such an environment, one needs to be ready for the future jobs as robots… (0 comment)

So ‘Google Hire’ it is. The search engine giant is soon coming up with its own job application website. So now, Google is coming hard to take on the LinkedIn with its new recruitment tool.  With this move, Google seems ready to lock horns with the recruitment portal biggies like LinkedIn and Jobvite. When the… (0 comment)

Internet of Things or IoT is the new buzz. Everyone is fascinated and talking about IoT. But very few are aware of the concept and the use. To deep dive into this revolutionary concept and learn the fundamentals of Internet of Things, people from all avenues are invited to attend a three day technical workshop… (0 comment)