Top 4 Handy Social Media Publishing Tools

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I list a top 4 handy social media publishing tools in this post, and all of them have their value, don’t get so wrapped up in tools that you spend all your time focused on them instead of your audience. Too many digital marketers spend too much time working on tools, and figuring out how to use them, and spend little time doing the most important task of social media: being social.

These tools can’t replace the time and effort of connecting with people. They are simply meant to empower you to connect faster and easier. If you find yourself spending too much time maintaining a tool rather than connecting with people, you should discontinue the use of that tool.

Top 4 Handy Social Media Publishing Tools 


  1. HootSuite

Top 4 Handy Social Media Publishing Tools

HootSuite is the premier social media management tool out there. You can manage just about every social network, monitor discussions and search strings, and create many different, tabbed dashboards to track, monitor, and communicate easily.

If you’re a power user on social media, especially with a lot of manual interactions, HootSuite will be the tool you want to use. It does have a learning curve, but push through it
to have the most powerful social tool at your fingertips.

2.  SproutSocial

Top 4 Handy Social Media Publishing Tools

SproutSocial is another social media management tool in the vein of HootSuite. It is a premium tool as well, and has a ton of features and analytics to keep you effective. After using both HootSuite and SproutSocial, I actually liked this tool better as it has a lot more features for enterprise-level users. It is significantly more expensive though, starting out at $59 per month.

3. Buffer

Top 4 Handy Social Media Publishing Tools

Buffer is one of those social tools with sheer simplicity and usefulness to make it valuable.
It’s as easy as pie to manage, and I use it every single day. You simply set a schedule of when you would like your tweets to go out. Then, you dump tweets into a bucket, and they drip-feed to your audience on that schedule. This keeps you from flooding your audience, and spreading your engagement out over the day.

4. Oktopost

Top 4 Handy Social Media Publishing Tools

This tool manages all of your social campaigns, allowing you to track key metrics across all
networks. It’s super-powerful and, if you are focusing on results from social media, you should give this platform a try. It allows you to capture leads, and sync their data into your CRM and marketing platforms.



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