6 Ways to Optimize Your Instagram Profile & Reach Customers

6 Ways to Optimize Your Instagram Profile & Reach Customers
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Are you on Instagram? I Going to tell you 6 Ways to Optimize your Instagram Profile and reach customers.  Well Guys, if you’re don’t use Instagram for your Business daily, you’re quickly falling behind. 

Instagram is owned by Facebook, but despite Facebook’s constant Algorithm changes making it difficult for brands to reach their audiences, they haven’t yet cracked down on Instagram use making it the most widely used discovery tool for Products and brands.  

Want to keep up with the growing social network and reach the right audience? Let’s talk about 6 ways to make it work! 

6 Ways to Optimize Your Instagram Profile 


1. Tell users how to make purchases 

While Instagram doesn’t yet allow for active links in photo captions, make sure you still reference your website and keep it in your profile description. After describing your photo and products for sale, remind them that your ‘website link is in our profile’ or simply offer for users to comment with their email to purchase. 

Want to try something even better? Check out apps like Soldsie or Spreesy to make comments to purchase one step easier. 

2. For heaven’s sake, use better photos 

Instgram is a photo sharing app, so why wouldn’t you focus on sharing photos of the highest quality?  What does this mean?  NO borders, backgrounds, busy busy collages or too much text overlay.  Many bloggers have made it big on Instagram, and for good reason. Their photos are of real people, great angles, clear resolution and are vertical and sized appropriatily.  

Are your photos giving users the best impression of your brand? 

3. Don’t post too many photos at once

Yes- keeping up with all social media channels is exhausting! (We could spend quite some time on this topic!) Although you’re anxious to get your photos uploaded to Instagram, don’t add too many at once. Users who feel flooded with your photos may unfollow you. Try sharing one or two photos at a time, and share at regular intervals instead of overload at once. 

There are a few aps out there to help with this like TakeOff that will help you automatically schedule and remind you to post your updates (since Insta doesn’t allow 3rd party aps to post for you…)

4. Get Personal

Shoppers want to connect with your brand and are more likely to become a return customer if they can relate to you (and like you!) Instagram is a great place to give a behind the scenes look at who you are, what you’re up to and show the human side of your brand.

5. Run contests

Build your following quickly by offering contests on Instagram. There are many different ways to Optimize Your Instagram Profile do this which will be an entire blog post in itself, so to be brief – try “Loop Giveaways”, “like to win”, “tag a friend to win”, “hashtags with customer shared photos to win”, “Comment to win”, “Re-gram to win”, or “share your email to win.”

Create an eye catching graphic photo and start sharing! 

6. Comment

Comment on photos of people or brands you follow. The way the Instagram discovery tool works is by suggesting photos, users and hashtags users you follow also follow, like or use, so start interacting with others to get noticed! 

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