5 untold salesman tactics to generate more leads

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Salesman tactics article is exclusively crafted for a salesman like me who runs behind the number until 30th of the month and again start running behind the given target for the next month. A Life After Numbers.

Sales is the only function where there is a direct unit of measurement for employee’s performance.

If you achieve the target you are doing well else you are not doing anything. No one will think about the effort you had put throughout the month only result speaks.

Since the possibility of conversion of organic lead is more with minimal effort all salespeople love leads. Either from their immediate manager or from their colleague or from their friends they like more leads.

A sales funnel doesn’t exist without leads.

But getting leads is very difficult in this no monopoly business world.

Companies are simply hiring sales executives and putting pressure on them irrespective of the product quality or value. Only very few companies ease sales executive’s job by doing backend work.

Though companies help, ultimately its salesman job to generate and convert leads to the customer. So to ease our job I found few untold salesman tactics to generate leads for an individual sales representative not for the organisation.

Salesman Tactics to generate more leads

1.Stop speaking and start writing

I am not asking you to buy an email database and start shooting promotional emails but start writing on a blog.

It is the best way to increase leads. continue reading…

Write about what you are selling on the blog without mentioning the brand name (if your company doesn’t have any objection you can proceed).

At the end of the article sell your product directly or collect leads by enabling lead generating forms.

There are two ways to start blogging

1.You start your own WordPress blog or

 2.Write a guest post on popular blogs.

In guest blogging rather than writing about your product directly choose topics related to your product and later sell your product at the end.

For example: if you are working in a Ready-mix concrete company you can write a post on How to do effective curing of concrete? And at the end of the article, you can collect leads.

Professional bloggers look for viewers across the globe in larger number because their way of monetization is different but you need viewers from your business serviceable areas so write and promote accordingly.

2.Register on local search engines

Very recently I came to know about this technique through a sales executive working in a popular India based local search engine company.

We believed that only companies can register on local search engines but individuals can also do.

Do you know how? continue reading….

If a company wants to register on the Local search engine they need to produce Tax Identification Number along with letterhead but If an individual wants to register he can register in his own name no documents required.

Description and keywords can be given related to his business. So whenever anyone enquires about your product or service along with other companies you do also get lead messages from local search engines.

This technique cost you some amount based on the contract period of the search engines. Two to three salespeople can join to share the cost and leads.

3.Post an ad on classifieds

A local search engine is for listing your business online but classifieds are for posting any ads.

For example, you cannot post your pre-used vehicle sale on Local search engines but possible on classifieds.

So classifieds is also a place where potential buyers and sellers meet.

Post your product sale ad with your contact details and exact keywords you will get leads for sure.

4.Sell to your network

The network is the biggest asset for any salesman. Your saved mobile contacts are your potential leads.

Let them know about your product or service you are selling.

Few sales people are utilizing their network effectively but not many. It’s not only mobile contacts but also use your social networks. An average user got 338 friends on Facebook so even if you are an average user you got few people to spread the word.

My school senior was working in a hospitality industry as a senior sales executive he used this technique to generate leads in his network.

You ask yourself does your networks know you are working in x company and selling Y product. Only if you let them know they will spread the word and get you leads.

More than Facebook I suggest you sell on Linkedin.

5.Share your incentive

If you really want to sell more then you must do this.

I am an average salesperson selling readymix concrete in Chennai despite my sincere effort the conversion rate is low.

To increase our sales we appoint local dealers or individuals to bring leads or orders on successful conversion we share certain percent to them.It’s like retail refer and earn 

It is sales executive’s skill to find right dealer to share a commission.

Many sales executives following this technique where they are paid decent incentives.

These are the 5 less told or untold salesman tactics to generate more leads.

Sales need smart workers than hard workers.


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