Mobile App Creation Without Coding? Yes, You Read It Right!

Ekta Kumar

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No coding is required creating a mobile app now. NextSpace invites mobile app development aspirants for a one day workshop on how to “ Create Mobile App Without Coding ” in Bengaluru on 8th April, 2017.

In today’s age, it is vital to have a mobile app for a business so as to reach masses not only for brand building but to attain high business profitability and reach a specific level of ranking irrespective of the business type and size. Creating a mobile app had been considered a tough job some time back. But with the availability of ready-to-use SDKs and pre-build plug-ins catering to the automation requirements for various domains has transformed it into a child’s play. An array of No Code software allow the creation of innovative mobile apps that contribute to enhance the revenue generation in addition to adding to the profitability and global business reach.

This intuitive and interactive workshop facilitates to explore all avenues in business app creation enabling the participants to create sample apps. The primary aspects of the Create Mobile App Without Coding workshop that would help attendees to achieve the mobile creation capabilities include:

  • Why “Go Mobile” ( 20 min)
  • The Citizen Developer (25 min)
  • AppSheet Overview  (20 min)
  • Backend Data ( 30 min)
  • Data Presentation to / Data Capture from User (50 min)
  • Some Do’s and Don’t’s  (30 min)
  • Sample Apps you will create at the workshop ( Any 2) ( 3 hrs) ( With audience participation)
  • Project/task  management App – project/task status
  • Customer feedback App
  • Places of interests in Karnataka and Bangalore App


About The Create Mobile App Without Coding Event:

Develop your Own APP in 45 Minutes: No Coding Required 

Session 1: Lean Mindset
  • Lean Methodology: It can  be applied everywhere
  • Fundamentals of Lean Methodology
  • Lean  Methodology for APPS
Session 2: Mobile APP Prototype 
  1.  Churning your Ideas into Mobile Proto-Type
  2.  Translating Business Requirements into User Flow 
  3.  Starting it Right: Low Fidelity Mobile Prototype for Screen Changes
  4.  Moving into High Fidelity Prototype for User Interaction, Animation


Session 3: Coding your APP without Code
  1. Business Layers, Behavior Layer and Interaction Layer
  2. Drag and Drop tools & Connect via Google Docs
  3. Testing your APP and Publishing – all in few clicks
Session 4: Showcase: 
  1. Top Mobile APP Ideas
  2. Money Making using Mobile APP
  3. Good to Know: Hybrid vs Native
  4. Mobile APP capabilities for your future


The workshop also focuses in setting up the perfect backend database to capture the app data securely and accurately.

For more insights about the contents and focussed areas, venue details and workshop schedule, visit:


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