Unveiling the Secrets of Public Speaking Skills

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Public speaking is an art that can be acquired by practicing and following the best practices to overcome the inner hurdles making the speaker hesitant to face and communicate with the public. Whether it be presenting an idea at the workplace, sharing your thoughts in a conference, delivering a speech while receiving an award or addressing general public anywhere, good communication skills are the most effective way to boost your self-confidence and grab the professional opportunities. By following certain strategies and work a little on the communication skills, anyone can learn the art of speaking in public fearlessly and impactfully.

To enlighten the path of every individual intending to master the art of public speaking and understand the vital communication skillset, India’s leading motivational speaker and success coach, Sandeep Wadhera, is hosting One Day “ PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT & PUBLIC SPEAKING WORKSHOP” on Sun 26th Nov 2017 from 10:00 AM – 05:00 PM at Lemon Tree Hotels, Ghaziabad.

This one-day Personal Development & Public Speaking Workshop is a practical session that has been time-tested to prove the efficient working of the mantras to be demonstrated during the workshop. The workshop targets to help people in becoming an effective communicator and unveil the personality secrets to leave the imperative impressions that could transform the professional and personal life. The workshop attendees will be served Buffet Lunch, stationary and a Certificate of participation.

The Public Speaking Workshop deliverables include:

  • Key Rules of Public Speaking(Dos & Don’t)
  • Convert Nervousness into Confidence through Emotion Control Method
  • Different Methodologies to Open and Close different type of Presentations
  • Content building for different type Speeches/Presentation
  • How to Influence peoples’ mind through right way of Presentation
  • One on One Feedback to every Participants
  • Multiple Presentations/Speeches in whole day by every participant
  • How to Use Audio/Visuals on stage to make Presentations/Speeches Powerful


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