India’s Largest 2-Days Cyber Security Conference 2017

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The accessibility of all digital content, bank accounts and personal and professional information has put the cybersecurity at high risk. With digitization on the boom and the only mantra for agile business operation and execution irrespective of the size and type, cybersecurity is the major area of concern. Kenes Exhibitions invites to learn more on cybersecurity concerns and measures in  2-day Cyber Security event,  Cyber Security Conference 2017 on Thu 14th Dec 2017 and Fri 15th Dec 2017 from 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM at Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre, Hyderabad.

The vent would witness the best cyber security experts from across the nation sharing their experiences and knowledge on cybersecurity and persistent needs. The aspirant would get an opportunity to interact with leaders from the enterprise networks and to explore the most recent strategies, tools, and technologies ensuring foolproof Cyber Security to prevent the cyber-crime. The program content has been designed by 30 most promising Indian companies who are leading the information security domain, IT infrastructure and data security.

The focused areas of the Cyber Security Conference 2017 include:

  • Defending Democracy
  • Protecting Critical Infrastructure
  • Demonetization– Cyber Crime & Fraud
  • Stopping Ransom
  • Intelligence & Information Sharing
  • Cybersecurity Corporate Responsibility
  • Incident Response– Lessons learned


Primary highlights of the conference are:

  • One-on-One Meetings
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Learning Opportunities
  • Speed Networking
  • Balanced Agenda
  • Prior Notifications


This two-day workshop is a foray to embrace cybersecurity and will include panel & workshop sessions along with plenary and keynote presentations.

Cyber Security Conference 2017

The conference targets to help:

  • Protecting business from internal and external threats
  • Understanding the holistic nature of cybersecurity and political context
  • Sharing situational awareness about threats
  • Gaining knowledge about legislation, compliance requirements and consequences of breaches
  • Knowing best practice strategy and policies
  • Understanding cybersecurity roles and responsibilities
  • Optimizing cybersecurity as a business-enabler


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