What is Digital Marketing – |Need Of Digital Marketing |

What is Digital Marketing – |Need Of Digital Marketing |
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What is Digital Marketing –  is a Marketing technique that involves usage of digital mediums such as internet & Wireless for creating awareness, Consideration, Purchase & Loyalty for a brand, product or a service.

Digital Marketing is also Known as online Marketing or Internet Marketing as internet is major medium supporting these marketing activities.

Digital marketing involves presence on Websites, E-mail, Social Media, Search Engine etc. Today Market is Flooded With Products and still People seek for more, from mobile plans, birthday cake to travel plans, everything is custom, we use digital devices to find personalized solutions. we use digital devices to find personalized solutions.

                                            With the day by day upgrading in science and technology world, everything has gone online. People are becoming more and more internet savvy and the world becoming shorter by shorter. When we are buying a mobile phone or clothes, we go to GOOGLE and compare them over the few hours or days. After that we actually purchase one.

           If we take another example –  Let’s Suppose Today’s your Mom’s birthday/Any Special day you want to buy a Gift for your mom, So wo go online and buy some gift on any E-Commerce Website according to your requirements. You do all kind of research about the product you want to buy sitting in your living room. In fact, everybody finds online marketing far easier than the time-honored conventional marketing be it the marketer or the consumer.

  1. More and more people are getting connected to digital medium .
  2. Digital devices like Smartphone, laptops, tabs etc. are essential part of our life.
  3. We use these for our daily routine/digital activites like shopping, pictures, Selfie, watching Movies, game, entertainment, work etc.
  4. Consciously & Unconsciously we are creating lots of data about us.
  5. This data can be linked to our Email ID, phone number Personal data telling brands about our personal preference.
  6. Using Digital marketing Companies try to target people based on interest and preferred mediums.


In Actual , What is Digital marketing ?


Digital Marketing is nothing but pure marketing done on internet using digital devices.

Even before the internet there were many different ways to advertise, in different media such as Radio, TV, Newspapers, Magazines as well as via telemarketing or pamphlets.

When the Internet arose, a number of search options become available. Companies had the option to advertise themselves on large scale.

What is Digital marketing & Traditional marketing?

What is digital marketing

Lots of People Like Professionals, Marketers & MBA Students don’t know, in actual what is digital marketing & how to use digital Marketing for own product’s branding & promotion. Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services over the internet & it ties together creative and technical aspects of the internet, including design, development, advertising and scals.

Internet User By Country:

USA – 227 M, UK – 48 M, Brazil – 68 M, India – 81 M, China – 298 M, Japan – 94 M, Germany – 55 M


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