The talk – BIG IDEAS to scale SME & Startups Events

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the talk : Are you looking for Ideas & Insights to Scale Up ?

If yes, this is your platform that helps and enriches your knowledge to grow your business.

Big Ideas to Ideate , Innovate & Disrupt

the talk Big Ideas Hyderabad edition will focus on Idea, Innovation and Disruption as strategy to Scale Up. the talk engages with SMEs and Start Ups on a regular basis to find the challenges of entrepreneurs and it is committed and focused in creating platforms for small medium businesses to connect, engage and get new insights to scale their business.

Why “the talk”

The event will be a platform to discuss the challenges of SME’s & Startups with the successful entrepreneurs and experts to arrive on a new perspective. Knowledge sharing and an attempt to find possible solutions through conversations.

Big Ideas will feature some of the successful entrepreneurs and experts to share their ideas and knowledge to empower the Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs & CEOs of SMEs and Startups will be attending this daylong event, scheduled on 27th May, 2017, Saturday at, The Westin, Hyderabad. 


Growth is the single most goal from a One Person Company(OPC) to big corporates. Any entrepreneur who is looking for ideas and insights to scale up their business should attend this event.


Business Partnerships
Connect with Leaders/ Experts
Business Opportunities
Talent Source
Media Interaction and coverage
Focused workshops
Investors Interactions
Launches /Demos
Client Relationships
Knowledge sharing
Art & Music
Books & Lounge


1. SME & STARTUPS   2. Scaleup Basics 3. Key Areas


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