Tajurba Event : Get Connected with 300 Entrepreneurs

Tajurba Event : Get Connected with 300 Entrepreneurs
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Tajurba Event: Are you an entrepreneur or an aspiring to become one?

By listening to the many success stories of Startups, people have got motivated to become entrepreneurs themselves. However, the question is, what does it take to be an entrepreneur? Though it starts with an idea, the hardest part is its execution in the right way.

By getting inspired by the many success stories, aspiring entrepreneurs begin their journey, and then the reality strikes in. Some give up, some keep trying to maintain, whereas the rest make it a legend. One way to learn how to get through the way of obstacles is to learn from an experienced entrepreneur.

One such place where you’ll get to learn about the journey of successful entrepreneurs is Tajurba Event  Get connected with 300 entrepreneurs”. Let’s give you an insight into this event.

When: 24th September 2017

Where: The United Service Institution of India, New Delhi

What: Tajurba Event is a power-packed dose of self-discovery, inspiration, and positivity, which are all required to become a successful entrepreneur.

Who: You’ll get to meet three successful entrepreneurs who have excelled by beating all the odds and overcame the challenges. Let’s give you their quick introduction and achievements.


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  1. Raman Roy – Since 2012, more than 2.8 million people work in the BPO industry. Raman Roy is one of the pioneers of this industry. And is referred to as the “Father of Indian BPO industry”. He will share his journey of how he left Amex to join GE and later started his enterprise “Spectramind”, and later started Quatrro BPO.


  1. Deep Bajaj – Deep Bajaj is among those entrepreneurs who believe in creating something which is required by people. And his conviction took him to create Pee-Buddy, a handy device that helps females to pee while standing and avoid dirty toilets.  This one is innovative and helpful. A business made for people’s good and not exactly for becoming an entrepreneur to earn profits.


Just imagine how much you will get to learn from this compassionate man and his team!

  1. Anant Kasibhatla–Last but not the least is the World Limca Book record holder Anant Kasibhatla. He is a mind engineer who has devoted his time to teach students and professionals how to stay focused, learn faster and retain memory. Just imagine how important it is for an entrepreneur to have such brilliant mind. So, join and train your brain to retain more, work faster and stay focused.


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