Get hands-on with the Power of Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is that nuclear weapon of the virtual reality that can skyrocket any business if launched at the right time, with right fuel (content) and targeting the right audience. None of the business can survive today without its digital presence and the sole tool to market any business is to go digital. Whilst the availability of digital marketing workshop / courses at every ten steps, and every tiny to huge institution selling a digital marketing course, the intent of this most sought skill seem to mystify. 

A little knowledge is dangerous and mystifying- more dangerous. It can do more harm than good. To demystify digital marketing concepts and implementation, Indus Net Technlogy invites aspirants from senior managements for an exclusive workshop on Digital Marketing in Delhi on 20th April, 2017. The digital marketing workshop will be conducted by the industry experts Aji Issac Mathew (CEO & Co-founder, Indus Net Techshu), Abhishek Rungta (CEO & Co-founder, Indus Net Technologies) and  Santanu Mukherjee (Digital Marketing Head, Indus Net Technologies).

Digital Marketing WorkshopDigital Marketing Demystified Workshop, is going to be India’s most preferred digital marketing workshop targeting to be the most beneficial element for business leaders and decision makers intending to excel in their respective businesses and professions with a blink of eye. 

Know your Coaches:

Digital Marketing Workshop

The trainers are heading one of the Largest Digital Agencies in India, working with small to large clients (hands on). One of the 33 Premier Google Partners in India. Working on core digital for over a decade.

Workshop Deliverables:

  • Explore world’s most preferred Digital Framework viz. Assets, Enhancers & POEM campaign layer
  • Understand world’s most preferred Digital Marketing Structure walking through a customer’s journey
  • Discern the Digital markets (Search Intent, Profile Target, Contextual, Re-engagement & mobile)
  • Get the point of budget allocation across the broad heading and channels underneath
  • Comprehend target segmenting/ grouping and messaging for TGs
  • Catch on team allocations and mapping of business KPI with Digital KPIs
  • Get to know the channel understanding with twelve channels

and much more.

 For more details and register for the digital marketing workshop: Digital Marketing Workshop

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