Happy Birthday {NAME GOES HERE} Song – Download The B’day Song

Happy Birthday {NAME GOES HERE} Song – Download The B’day Song
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Everyone would enjoy hearing Happy Birthday song just for him/her. A personalised Happy Birthday Song is so fun that it makes a great birthday present for friends and family.
So this is how you do it…….

 Step 1: – Go to the website http://www.1happybirthday.com/

Step 2: – In the search box type the name of the person you want the song for.The site claims to have name  31500+ song name. So you should find the song you are looking for.(WE WILL SEARCH FOR A SONG FOR MY FRIEND KUNAL IN THE EXAMPLE)

Step 3: Choose  one-Once you find the name of the person you are looking for click on it and you will be taken to  a page where you can download the song

Step 4-Now choose one of the following options by which you can share the song.
I suggest you simply download the song and send it to your recipient. To do that click on Download Song option. Do not worry it says android only but works just fine with web browsers too.

Step 5: – You will be asked to fill a captcha for security reasons

FUN FACT: Did you know CAPTCHA stands for
Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart
Step 6 : – Oops there is nothing left we are done.Enjoy the song and share it with the recipient on Facebook or what’s app or on any platform you like

I found this site when I wanted to do something that wound blow the mind of my college crush, nameThe best part of this site is that the site has covered most of the generic Indian names which most of the site of this type fail to achieve.Also sometimes if you fail to find a name on the site you can always browse through their list of generic 
name(http://www.1happybirthday.com/fyn/c/1) or you if wish to wish someone who is older to you like your mum, dad as so on and so forth.

Fun Fact: Do you the original Happy birthday song was patented until On Sept. 22, 2015, U.S. District Court Judge George H. King ruled that the copyright to the lyrics of the popular song “Happy Birthday to You” is no longer valid.

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