Facebook launched new app Flash to beat snapchat. Facebook has launched a new Snapchat-clone app called Flash, but the app is only for Brazil. Flash users can overlay visuals that can be placed on the top of their content. It was particularly developed for people who are emerging in market but have poor data connection… (1 comment)

I list a top 4 handy social media publishing tools in this post, and all of them have their value, don’t get so wrapped up in tools that you spend all your time focused on them instead of your audience. Too many digital marketers spend too much time working on tools, and figuring out how… (0 comment)

6 Ways to Optimize Your Instagram Profile & Reach Customers
Are you on Instagram? I Going to tell you 6 Ways to Optimize your Instagram Profile and reach customers.  Well Guys, if you’re don’t use Instagram for your Business daily, you’re quickly falling behind.  Instagram is owned by Facebook, but despite Facebook’s constant Algorithm changes making it difficult for brands to reach their audiences, they… (0 comment)

The Social Media Image Dimensions Guide 2016
Social media marketing is an awesome way to online your business or services. One more great way to promote your business professionally and effectively is to optimize your social media profiles with correctly sized images. Take a few minutes and browse your favorite social marketing platforms. You’ll quickly find that business and brand who has… (0 comment)

The Complete Facebook Ads Guide 2016 For Beginner’s
This Facebook Ads Guide 2016 is a great introduction to Facebook Advertising. In it you will learn the basics of advertising on the world’s largest Digital Marketing platform and be able to build and run simple ads in under an hour! There are 8 steps to doing great Facebook Ads. Let’s talk about each. STEP 1: CHOOSE… (0 comment)